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The business

Since 1980, the CMF di Finazzi Giuseppe (ex Tecnovema s.n.c.) is in the field of design and production of tool machines for marble and granit working and in the field of the production of mechanical components of medium size.
In the last years many many effort has been put into developing measure systems and related software based on laser devices and artificial vision systems, in particular with reference to templates and objects copying in the filed of marble working.


ShapeToDXF software application (demo versione available)
In the field of materials working (such as marble, glass and wood) one usually come across the problem of either copying a pre-existing object or obtain a DXF file from a template or a handmaded drawing. The software application ShapeToDXF is the answer to this problem. In particular, ShapeToDXF is oriented to the digitalization of 2D planar shapes such as kitchen tops, bathroom tops, tables, windows sills, fireplace mantels and column profiles. In the same way, ShapeToDXF is able to generate a DXF file from a raster image such as a bitmap file. ( to continue)

Image of a template
DXF extracted from the template
DXF extracted from the template